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Our passion is compassion and sustainability. We share our passion with our guests through our vegan, organic, and seasonal cuisine, and through our "green" philosophy. Through our food and practices we strive each day to minimize our carbon footprint, thus making our planet and our community a cleaner, healthier environment in which to not just live, but to live in good health and thrive.

The Food

We believe that eating a plant-based diet and choosing local organic foods is the most direct and simplest way to create a more peaceful, sustainable world. Our goal is to bring our guests Food Fresh From Farm to Table™. In order to do so...
  • Whenever possible we use local produce. On a grassroots level, this addresses the troubling issues of the industrialization and centralization of our nation’s food supply and the destruction of our environment. This also allows us to support our local economy and small organic farms.
  • Our cuisine is made almost entirely of organic ingredients. Everything we serve is free of pesticides, chemicals, and hormones. We use no genetically modified foods.
  • We serve only plant-based foods. No animals are harmed or abused in order to feed our guests; this also reduces the huge amount of environmental damage that occurs due to the industrial farming of livestock.

Our "Green" Practices

Candle Cafe was the first Certified Green Restaurant™ by the Green Restaurant Association in New York City and both restaurants are perennially ranked among the "Greenest" businesses in the country. Our "green" practices include:
  • Investing in equipment, decoration, and infrastructure in line with our values. From energy efficient electrical and cooking equipment, to eco-friendly paints and fabrics.
  • Educating our staff about green practices and how to implement and maintain them in the work place. We also encourage our staff to take these practices out into the world with them.
  • Using only non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and sanitizers.
  • Recycling glass, plastics, metals, grease, paper, old computers and electronics, printer cartridges, and more.
  • Composting our food waste.
  • Purchasing recycled materials whenever possible. All napkins, bath tissue, ink cartridges, menu pages, and office stationary are made from recycled materials.
  • Investing in wind power to help offset some of the environmental impact of running our restaurants.
  • Consulting, meeting, and working with other restaurants and businesses to share our "green" practices and help them to implement similar practices in their organizations.
  • Participating and working with other groups that share the same mission including: Social Venture Network, PETA, Northeast Organic Farm Association, Farm Sanctuary, Co-op America, Wellness in the Schools, NY Coalition for Healthy School Food, Better World Books, The Green Restaurant Association and many more.


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