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In 2006, Candle continued on the path of “organic” growth. Its signature chimichurri, a grilled marinated seitan skewer (a meatless kebab,) had become so popular and well-known in New York, that Whole Foods Market approached ownership and asked if it could offer our seitan in its New York City stores. Candle negotiated a custom manufacturing and supply arrangement with its seitan vendor and without devoting significant resources to the project, developed an on-going business relationship with Whole Foods. Today, in addition to operating three restaurants, Candle sells its delectable frozen line to Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. This whiff of retail success – Candle sells nearly 10,000 lbs. of seitan per year with minimal effort in less than a handful of stores – leads us to believe that we can generate greater brand awareness and visibility for its restaurants with a further developed line of retail food products.

In 2013, the west side of the city beckoned and Candle Café West was born. Candle Café West continues to push the boundaries of vegan dining with an all-encompassing, renowned eco-bar and wine program, completing the Candle trilogy of vegan establishments.


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